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Nameplates and Emblems

Stand out with our Nameplates and Emblems.

Custom Nameplates and Emblems

At King Epoxy Emblem, we specialize in custom designing and manufacturing a variety of effects. By combining different processes, we create unique logo designs that match your color specifications. Additionally, we offer adhesive or mounting options tailored to your needs. Available in either metal or plastic base substrates, our products provide numerous decorative alternatives, ensuring your product stands out and captures attention.
Plastic Emblem

Plastic Emblem

Plastic Emblem

Metal Emblem

Metal Emblem

Soft Emblem

Soft Emblem

Doming Resin

Doming Resin

King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd. understands the importance of a company’s logo and prioritizes the production of nameplates with the utmost quality. With our extensive experience in manufacturing, we ensure that every nameplate we produce meets the highest standards of excellence.

Metal Nameplates and Emblems

Design Options

King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd’s metal nameplates are crafted from aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate/polyester, and brass. Our metal nameplates undergo various production processes, including silk screen printing, anodizing, and pad printing, followed by 3D forming and finishing touches like spin or diamond cutting.

We offer a range of decorative options, including PU doming over metal labels, and enhance your nameplates with embossing, anodizing, etching, forging, and electroforming procedures. Additionally, we can add metallic colors, micro holes, spin finishes, brush finishes, or diamond cutting for a customized touch.


Metallic colors


Micro holes

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Brass

Spin Finish, Brush finish, Diamond Cutting

Metal Labels are Also Available





PU Doming


Race Fordge
Inter Action
Modellista Metal Nameplates

Doming for Enhanced Visibility

At King Epoxy Emblem, we create standout metal and polycarbonate/polyester nameplates. Our unique doming process adds clarity and depth to your logo, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. Domed labels look professional and offer protection against scratches and smudges. Using specially produced polyurethane liquid, we apply a crystal-clear, highly polished finish, resulting in a durable and professional image. We offer additional methods to make high-quality nameplates, including die casting and electroplating.

Die Casting: Raises your logo from the surface, with options for diamond-cut or brushed backgrounds.

Electroplating: Enhances the final product with chrome plating or painting.

Electroforming for Precision

Our electroforming process involves depositing a thin skin of metal over a base form, resulting in a thicker and heavier nameplate than electroplating. This precise method ensures intricate designs and a permanent, precise form, making your nameplate stand out.

Plastic Nameplates and Emblems

Design Options

With over 30 years of experience, King Epoxy Emblem specializes in designing various plastic nameplates through integrated manufacturing processes. We use injection molding to manufacture your plastic decorative nameplates and offer PU doming for added dimension and protection. Our treatments include embossing and chrome plating for strength. Additionally, we provide options like plastic sticker labels, flexible 3D letters, and soft emblems to meet your needs.

Pu Doming (Non-yellowing 3D Crystal Clear Resin)

Embossed Plastic Nameplates

Injection Molded Plastic Nameplates

Chrome-Plated Plastic Nameplates

Choice of Base Substrates with Brush Look, Bright Chrome

Plastic Labels (Stickers) Are Also Available with Multi-Color Printing

Soft Doming or Flexible 3D Letters

Limited Edition Plastic Nameplate
Enkei Plastic Nameplate
Eneki Emblems
Red Bull

Plastic Nameplates

Our plastic nameplates are crafted using top-quality resins sourced from leading producers in the polyurethane industry.

At King Epoxy Emblem Co., Ltd, we utilize engineered molds to produce our plastic nameplates. These molds offer flexibility, enabling us to create intricate and complex patterns tailored to your company’s logo requirements.