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Graphic Overlays and Panels

Elevate your user experience with our Graphic Overlays and Panels.

KTP Graphic Overlay and Panels Capabilities

KTP King Epoxy Emblem can produce bespoke Graphic Overlays and Panels tailored to the exact requirements of the client. Our Graphic Overlays and Panels team offers comprehensive solutions in North America, including in-house design and engineering support, customer service, warehousing, and turn-key assembly.

We can provide a complete multidimensional solution to all your Graphic Overlay related needs, such as

Polycarbonate, polyester, or acrylic (PMMA) base materials are available in different thicknesses and specialty coatings for UV protection, hard coating for anti-scratch/anti-scuff, and even anti-microbial, to name a few.

Many different rear adhesive peel strengths and thicknesses are available for a wide variety of substrates and environments.

Selective texture or selective gloss ink.

Full keys emboss, dome emboss, perimeter emboss, or braille emboss for tactile or visual.

Epoxy keys.

Dead front graphics and windows.


Transparent color printing for LCD windows or LED indicator windows.

Four-color process printing for gradient patterns or Pantone spot color.

Chrome-look or metallic inks.


Brush-effect (stainless steel appearance).

Washing Machine Digital Graphic Overlays
Mitsubishi Electrical Panel