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Fasteners and Machining


Material available with:

Stainless Steel : 18-8 (A2) & 316 (A4), 410, 430

Carbon Steel : C1006~C10B21 : 35ACR & 40ACR

Alloy Steel (Middle Carbon) : SCM435 & SCM440

Copper Alloy (Brass) : C260, C270, Silicon Bronze

Aluminum Alloy : 6061 T-6, 7075 & 2117H15


DIA #0 ~ 5/16” (M1 ~ M8)

Length up to 4” (100mm)

Machine screws – 1

Machine screws – 2

SEMS screws

Self Tapping Screws

Thread Cutting Screws

Self Drilling Screws

Tri-lobular Screws

Hi-Lo Screws

PT 30° Thread Screws

Chipboard Screws

Desk Screws

Custom-made By Bolt Former

Custom-made By Nut Former

Spring Steel Washer and Parts

Various Self Clinching Parts


Turning and Milling


| CAM| CNC| SWISS CNC| Combination with Turning & Milling

Secondary Operations

Chamfering/Tapping/Drilling Holes

Slotting/Cross Slotting

Rolling thread/Knurling

Press holes

Expansion ribs by pressing

Internal grinding (I.D.)

Centerless grinding (O.D.)

Gear hobbing/Shaving

Broaching isometric hole