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Membrane Switches

Your reliable Membrane Switch Manufacturer.

Membrane Switch Manufacturer

At King Epoxy Emblem Co., we make membrane switches for devices like security keypads, cell phone touch screens, aircraft control panels, airport kiosks, personal gaming devices, tablets, home appliances, and more. Provide us with your specifications, and we will help you create a suitable design optimized for your application.

Our Membrane Switches

We craft our membrane switch bases using polymer thick film (PTF). Typically, our membrane switches feature a single conductor layer structure. However, we also frequently manufacture membrane switches with two or more metal insulating layers, including
A graphic layer for screen-printed decorations or graphics such as numbers and letters.
A tactile layer that provides a tactile effect, simulating the sensation of pushing a button.
A rigid metal layer that supports a flexible static layer as a backing.

Our Membrane Switches

Embedded Surface Mount LEDs (For Indicator Lighting)
Backlighting with Light Guide Films and Leds
Metal Dome or Polydome for Tactile Feedback
Via Holes (Thru-Holes) to Simplify Construction
ESD / EMI Shielding
Flex Tail Connectors (Including Female, Male, and Solder Tabs)
Capacitive Sensing Technology
* Our variety of adhesive choices includes options such as acrylic or foam adhesives (useful for indoor or outdoor applications)
Membrane Switch Manufacturer
Membrane Switches Design

Capacitive Membrane Switches

We also offer capacitive membrane switches, which are similar to the touch screens found in many electronic devices. These switches are touch-sensitive and activate with a light touch. Our capacitive membrane switches are known for their reliability, durability, and aesthetic appeal.